Exchange Bureau
    7th of june 2002, Manifesta + Documenta,  Frankfurt/Main, Germany

During the MANIFESTA Wolf-Ram changed foreign currency into Euro by painting the bills over. He also signed and dated the bills. This event took place in the vicinity of the Frankfurter Kunstverein.

exchange service at the Manifesta

Info text for the Exchange Bureau performance.


Exchange Bureau

Offers you a free currency exchange service. This exchange bureau is an art project (a part of the by Wolf-ram, the founder of the NO-EURO-BANK. He will exchange your currency into Euro by painting, drawing EURO on your foreign paper money and signing it with Wolf-ram.

exchange Frankfurt

Infront of Manifesta





9th -12th of June 2002

In Kassel, during the Documenta 11, Wolf-Ram opened up his Exchange Bureau in several places as well.

Documenta 11

Signing Foreign valuta

with china

In cooperation with the team of the artist Hirschhorn ( Bataille Monument ) he gave an interview for the local TV channel in Kassel. At the same time he painted over more bills of present spectators


TV interview Documenta 11