performance May 30th 2002, European Central Bank, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Guard dog Teuro

After introducing the currency “EURO” in Europe many business people started the forcing up of prices.
Since they were counting on the laziness of customers to convert the old currency into the new one.
The definition”TEURO” stands for a very unfair increase of prices.
During the European Biennail for Contemporary Art – the MANIFESTA – as a part of the Free Manifesta
by Sal Randolph and of the TEURO summit of the German minister Kuenast, the artist, together with the
dog Teuro ( a Saint Bernard) did a performance. Together the artist and the dog guarded the
European Central Bank in Frankfurt/Main. While doing so, they were stopped by security personnel and
asked for their identification. During that action Wolf-Ram and the dog were separated.

Bankdirector Wolf-ram with guarddog Teuro infront of European Central Bank Wolf-Ram + Teuro


Wolf-ram and Teuro getting stopped by ECBguardGuard calling for backing