bo-euro-bank performance"North_No_South" slidesshow

As Wolf Ram, bank director of the No-Euro-Bank, Wolf Wolfsmoon was supporting the troubled currency Euro by making a performance called “North_NO_South”. Time : 3 pm. of May 2011.
In front of the Euro sign at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
Wolfsmoon was signing  Euro bills over with the NO-EURO-BANK logo and with the director name Wolf Ram.
The second part of OUTSIDER performance series was called
“Outsider NO-EURO-BANK meets insider TIMEbank“

timebank"Timebank" slideshow

Wolfsmoon  was writing with hairspray the logo NO-EURO-BANK in front of Portikus at the entrance to the  Time/Bank show.The Timebank performance was a kind of Joint venture project . A week before the event Wolfsmoon signed up as a member of e-flux/timebank  with the Listing:
The 3 pillows “North” “No” and “South”, used in the  first performance ,were given in the custody of the Time/bank staff to put them into the Time/bank  sales collection later on, if they would be approved by Amerika.


“OUTSIDER unwrapped ”

“OUTSIDER unwrapped ” was  a multi media performance by Wolf Wolfsmoon. The video /sketch of different visual arts performances by the artist was screened in the Black Nordic Theatre in Oslo the 1st of June 2011, while Wolfsmoon was live performing with friends, Halugano and Aase . A part of “OUTSIDER” performance series of and “Unwrap” of